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Our Philosophy

Welcome to MycoBiotic, brought to you by Gourmet Mushrooms, Inc. Our journey began in 1977, pioneering the cultivation of medicinal mushrooms for a healthier world. We are dedicated to nurturing the highest quality functional mushrooms through sustainable practices, shaping the future of nutraceuticals.

Since our inception, we have tirelessly innovated in the field, becoming trailblazers in the commercial cultivation of medicinal and exotic fungi within the United States. Our relentless commitment drove us to expand our repertoire beyond shiitake, venturing into a diverse range of medicinal and exotic mushroom species.

Certified organic and kosher since 2005, we take pride in overseeing every stage of cultivation, from spore-to-shroom. This hands-on approach allows us to ensure unparalleled quality, providing you with exceptional, natural nutraceutical solutions.


At Gourmet Mushrooms, Inc., we believe in the power of nature and the science behind it. Our mission is to unlock the potential of medicinal mushrooms, bringing the benefits of this age-old wisdom to the forefront of modern wellness. Join us in this holistic journey towards a healthier, happier life.

Turkey tail mushrooms provide medicinal benefits. MycoBiotic cultivates the highest quality functional mushrooms through sustainable practices
David Law works at MycoBiotic gourmet mushrooms and is passionate about exotic medicianl mushroom products

David Law

CEO / Founder

David started Gourmet Mushrooms, Inc. with co-founder Malcolm Clark in 1977. David’s passion for quality mushrooms has pioneered the industry for exotic mushrooms.

Chris Bailey works for MycoBiotic and has 30 years of experience in nutraceutical mushroom cultivation

Chris Bailey

Vice President

Plying 30 years of nutraceutical mushroom cultivation and leadership, Chris plays an integral role in development, production, and processing.

Gart Mills Phd works for MycoBiotic and is a mycologist who cultivates fungi for medicinal benefit.

Gary Mills PhD

General Manager

General Manager of GMI’s Scottville plant.  Mycologist with fifty years’ experience in biochemistry, physiology, and cultivation of fungi.

Alex Sherman works at MycoBiotic as a mycologist with a knack for mushroom food safety

Alex Sherman

Business Development | Mycologist

Dedicated mycologist with a knack for business development and a commitment to food safety, thrives at the intersection of science, innovation, and industry.

Joseph Sanna works for MycoBiotic mushrooms as a nutraceuticals manager, cultivating mushrooms for medicianl use.

Joseph Sanna

Nutraceuticals Manager

Background in biochemistry and small scale mushroom cultivation. Michigan Nutraceutical Manager who is obsessed with utilizing nature to supplement health.

Natasha Warden PhD is a research scientist in medicianl mushroom cultivation and growing mushrooms for medicine

Natasha Worden PhD

Research Scientist

PhD in plant biology in 2016. Mycopia research and development department since 2018. Works in mushroom growing, data analytics, genetic maintenance, and substrate development. 

Chris Brandt works for MycoBiotic mushrooms as an operations manager.

Chris Brandt

Operations Manager

The Team




The idea for Gourmet Mushrooms, Inc. came in 1976, when Malcolm Clark, and David Law, a graduate business student at the University of Wisconsin, meet through a mutual friend.

GMI Started cultivating mycelial biomass products.

GMI takes trips around the globe to cultivate new species: Lion’s Mane

Malcolm visit nepal to collect Cordyceps sinensis specimen.

GMI purchases 200,000sq ft facility in Michigan to expand production.

GMI patents spray dried mushroom extracts after developing new processes.







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